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Learn from the Masters [Arranging for two to five parts]
ISBN 9789197113311 (Sting Musik)

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Learn from the Masters develops your ability to write/compose and arrange music through the study of the great masters. The book contains excellent educational material on music theory, and presents a new way of methodical thinking. Besides arranging for two to five parts and writing simple counterpoint, you will learn to compose melodies. Plenty of music examples from the works of the great masters, and exercises with a direct focus on how to write small arrangements for everyday use, make the book a unique study material. Learn from the Masters also contains an instructive chapter on score and part notation, instrumental range and technical difficulties.

A DVD-rom containing a workbook and 155 music examples is included.



Christopher Walters  
Music Teacher, dec 2012

Packed with information

Between them, these two books [Learn by the Masters] set out to develop your ability to harmonise, analyse, compose and arrange music. Their author, Sten Ingelf, is professor of music theory at Malmö Academy of Music in Sweden.

The second book, Arranging for Two to Five Parts, seems at first to be rather specific. In fact the title doesn’t do it justice, as it covers partwriting, voice-leading, canon, ornamentation, and indeed most skills required to compose, not just arrange, in a classical style. The opening chapter on melody makes way for chapters on two-part, three-part and four-part writing, concluding with a chapter on polyphony, and each chapter includes numerous musical examples drawn from the classical repertoire.

Of the two books [Learn by the Masters], this one arguably offers the most original journey through its subject matter, but both are incredibly detailed, packed with information and highly recommended.